Proprietary Programs


Why Four Seasons? We make insurance revenue easy.

Expanding your product line to grow revenue takes time and resources. You’re short on both. You worry: will training your people to sell new things deliver the ROI you need?

FSFG offers expert people, technology, products, and greater efficiency to easily grow revenue through the sale of life insurance and annuity products. We’ll develop the right product fit, train your reps and improve the sales and customer delivery processes. Each individual representative can grow revenues by 20-50% or more within 90 days. Here’s what makes us different.

Here’s what makes us different.


Step to Success™

Based of years of experience, Step to Success gives employees the tools and confidence to sell life insurance and annuity products. It starts with putting an easier process in their hands to sell life insurance more cost-effectively and indoctrinates employees in how to sell. It progresses to training on more sophisticated products and services, through to the full complement of services.

  1. Simply Life™– This fundamental solution jump-starts your organization’s sale of life insurance. Your organization realizes new revenue within a mere 90 days.
  2. Total Life™ – Enhance revenue through more traditional life insurace relationshp sale opportunities. Leverage your business’s financial position and existing customer base to further increase wallet share.
  3. Comprehensive Wealth™ – Generate an even larger revenue opportunity through the sale of life insurance to your high net worth clientele in commercial lending, private banking, wealth management and trust.

Step to Success™ includes:

  • A proven rollout and deployment strategy for instantly equipping your organization with the training, tools, resources, and staff required to generate revenue for your institution in just 90 days.    

  • Actionable and motivational guidance for your sales staff and referral sources on how to build upon existing client relationships and make your bank attractive to new clients, all with the goal of ultimately growing the bottom line.

  • An instant extension of your team with our team. We become your assistants, offering administrative and sales support to remove all the hassle normally associated with selling insurance and annuity products. 

  • A force of internal sales desk and external wholesale support dedicated to helping your people successfully sell life insurance and annuity products.    

  • Reports that illustrate the progress on our mutual commitments to grow revenue.

Quite simply, we deliver easier life revenue for your institution.