What you need, when you need it: thorough, accurate and timely support.

I use FSFG because . . .

  • “…Of their strong knowledge base, responsiveness, and sharing of ideas to get cases done.”
    – Brenda R. , MI

  • “…By far, the most attentive & best insurance firm I’ve ever worked with.”
    – Michael K. PA

  • “…superb field wholesaler, support in the branches, extremely helpful and responsive illustration support.”
    – Carl W., PA

  • “…Phenomenal internal wholesalers – One call to FSFG for 10 carrier quotes saves me time – Super one page sales ideas – Great overall team.”
    – Brent S., PA

Let’s face it. You can decide to offer life insurance and annuity products tomorrow. But you’ll have to do a lot more than put a few product brochures on your reps’ desks in order to grow revenue. It takes time and effort. That’s where we come in.

Four Seasons Financial Group offers support in many ways. We take the pain out of selling new products by doing the following.  Click on the bar below to learn more!

  • The Solutionists™

    Four Seasons Solutionists™ are a force of support staff and a hands-on executive team dedicated to helping members of your organization successfully sell life and annuity insurance products. You instantly gain a team of internal and external Solutionists to work with you in the field. 

    When one of your team members dials Four Seasons Financial Group, they are connected with someone capable of answering their questions or happy to speak directly to a potential client. Your staff chooses to simply moderate a conversation between the Solutionist and their client. Or, they may choose to ask the questions of the Solutionist directly, and then work with the potential client privately. Solutionists are also available to attend in-person meetings with clients.* 

    *Scheduling in-person meetings requires advance notice and is dependent on availability.

  • Snooze-Free Training™

    Our Snooze-Free Training delivers actionable guidance to your sales staff on how to build upon existing client relationships to ultimately grow wallet share. In addition to making your bank or brokerage attractive to NEW clients, Four Seasons Financial Group leverages the established client database with a richer offering of products. The ultimate result is more client referrals, more opportunities, and increased revenue.

    Our training program is anything but boring. It’s quick, eye-opening, and engaging. Equally as important, our training is time-efficient and time-effective. In just minutes, we review all of the products and provide only those details necessary to successfully get started. We offer motivational, practice management guidance to start things on the right foot.

    Once the training concludes, our Marketing Solutionists™ and Insta-Sales Support™ handle any questions that arise.

    Training is available on-site or remote via WebEx.

    Contact Four Seasons Financial Group to learn more.

  • Financial Carrier Breakdown

    The Four Seasons team models the financial strength of our carriers every quarter. This statutory modeling provides an “apples to apples” comparison of the top 100 carriers. We also provide an in-depth look at carriers to ensure your clients and advisors additional due diligence and care.

    Contact Four Seasons Financial Group to learn more.

  • Rollout 4U™

    Utilize a proven rollout and deployment strategy for instantly equipping your organization with the training, tools, resources, and staff required to generate revenue for your institution in just 90 days. 

    By combining a proven methodology with your team’s unique abilities, we create a custom rollout strategy for life insurance or annuity products that fits your situation perfectly. 


  • Seamless Support (Sales & Administrative)

    Seamless Support was created to deliver an instant extension of your team. Our team becomes your assistants, offering administrative and sales support to remove all of the hassle normally associated with selling insurance and annuity products. Some of this support includes:

      • Dedicated case manager support teams
      • Appointment handling with all carriers
      • Life insurance quote engines
      • All carrier forms
      • Online exam ordering system
      • Online, real-time case status for all carriers and products
      • Back-office handling of paperwork
      • Paper digitized to carriers daily
      • Monthly reporting capability at multiple levels

    Contact Four Seasons Financial Group to learn more.

  • Customized Performance Reports and Communication
    What gets measured gets done and we promised to deliver, so to ensure we make good on our promise, we’ll send you reports that illustrate the progress on our commitment to grow revenue. 

    Additionally, whenever a pre-set goal is met, you will receive notification to alert you of the success of your team allowing you to proactively communicate and recognize their accomplishments. 

    Download a sample report.