indexiPipeline partners with Four Seasons Financial to deliver next-gen life insurance and annuity processing solutions


iGO e-App, an intelligent fillable form, enables career and independent producers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% In Good Order submissions.

What are the features of iGO e-App?

  • Rapidly access Carrier, Product Type, Product, & State selection-driven Screens / Forms
  • Easy-to-use, intelligent wizard Screens—required & optional fields, validation, & business rules
  • Green “Completed” Checkmarks upon in Good Order determination
  • View / print filled complete or incomplete forms at any time
  • SAVE and UPDATE as many times as you like
  • Print & wet sign to match your selling styles
  • Customizable e-Signature (Email & Digital Pad) for insured, owner, trusts, third parties, & multiple agents
  • Standard BGA case manager Go/No-Go approvals
  • Electronic submission

  • xraeXRAE has been developed to help you manage client expectations up front at the start of the sale process. By capturing health and lifestyle questions, XRAE produces underwriting rate class quotes based on carrier’s unique underwriting rules. It eliminates the need to contact numerous carriers to evaluate how a client will be rated and provides a single view of results.

    These results illustrate an instant decision from multiple carriers, increasing the opportunity of getting more clients on risk faster. XRAE is designed to help you set accurate expectations with your client from the outset. The service also allows you to electronically store results to provide an audit trail and easily demonstrate compliance.

  • AFFIRM for Annuities is a compliance and order management system designed to integrate a carrier’s complex product rules with a distributor’s compliance processing (customized workflows and suitability reviews) to generate transactions that are “in good order”. Compliant annuity applications are then electronically submitted to carriers for processing after successfully passing all supervisory reviews required by the distributor.

  • Four Season Financial Group is excited about partnering with a market leader like iPipeline that shares our passion to improve the current process for selling annuity and insurance products.  iPipeline’s solutions will drastically improve upon the current selling and processing experience for annuities by eliminating ongoing ticket charges, reducing other expenses, and adding market leading suitability oversight to support annuity sales. On the life side, the solutions will make an even bigger difference, cutting underwriting that normally takes weeks down to as little as minutes. Technology will be the difference maker for the carriers, distribution partners seeking larger profit margins, and – most importantly – for customers seeking a better process via a digital buying experience.