Annuity Products


Annuity Products

With life expectancy and healthcare costs continuing to rise, many clients may find themselves falling short of their retirement income goals.   So what’s the solution?   In many cases, it’s the guaranteed lifetime income – and peace of mind – offered by annuities.  

  • Why an Annuity?
    • Protection – with continued volatility in the equity markets, annuities can provide principal protection and upside growth potential that many individuals at or near retirement highly value
    • Predictable – annuities offer a multitude of guaranteed lifetime withdrawal and income options that retirees can rely on to help maintain their lifestyle regardless of market conditions, interest rates, or longevity
    • Flexibility – clients can access their funds via a variety of surrender-free withdrawal options, including waiver in the event of a terminal illness or confinement to a nursing home or skilled care facility
    • Enhanced Income – many lifetime income guarantees will multiply their benefit by up to 3X’s in the event of confinement to a nursing home or skilled care facility. Some income withdrawal benefits will even enhance their payout if the client is simply unable to perform 2 of 6 ADLs – no confinement necessary
    • Increasing Income – more and more annuities offer the ability for the client to not only receive guaranteed lifetime income, but one that has the ability to increase every year to keep pace with inflation, taxes, and rising healthcare costs
    • Tax Deferral – clients get the benefit of a triple compounding effect on interest earned – earning interest on principal, interest on interest, and interest on what you would have paid in taxes using other savings vehicles such as CD’s



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